The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort Experience

It is a serene getaway destination,located on the foot of Eburru mountains also known as Oldonyo Opurru in Maasai meaning”Mountain of smoke”.One gets to enjoy a peaceful,quiet and beautifully untouched natural environment.

The Great Rift Valley Lodge Golf Resort

This Resorts history dates back in the year 2000 when it was solely a golf course.However,with time the management introduced a restaurant to cater for meals and drinks for the members.Finally,Accommodation facilities were built to provide resting places for the golf members after the tough tournaments.


There is a variety of accommodation facilities including

  • Private chalets
  • Villas
  • Double and single rooms
Private chalets
Pathway to the rooms

NB The villas are great for a weekend getaway with friends and family.
You also have a option for self catering or you can hire a chef.

Conference Facilities

The resort is also mindful of the business community.This is a great place for meetings and conferences since it provides for Conference amenities,audio and visual materials, free wifi and quiet and tranquil place to unwind and strategize.

There are three conference facilities with capacities of 180,80 and 30 people respectively.

For small groups of upto 20 people,there is a small boardroom that suits them.


The resorts provides a magnificent site for a destination wedding.From the view of L.Naivasha,the lash green fields and the site of moving zebras and impalas and vast array of birdlife. A dream wedding is what you will experience 😍

Luxury wedding
Peacock in the vicinity



The Great Rift Valley Lodge is well known for its 18 hole championship golf course.Occasionally you will get a beautiful sight of zebras and impalas walking on the course.

Golf course

Other activities to engage in include:-

  • Adventure club
  • Bicycle riding
  • Swimming
  • Nature walks
  • Bird-watching
  • Massage
  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis
  • Darts
  • Fishing


The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort is a gem.Its ideal for solo travellers who want to unwind and hide in a natural and fresh environment,family and friends who want an adventurous vacation away from the city and the business folks who want strategise and relax away from the office .

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