The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort Experience

It is a serene getaway destination,located on the foot of Eburru mountains also known as Oldonyo Opurru in Maasai meaning”Mountain of smoke”.One gets to enjoy a peaceful,quiet and beautifully untouched natural environment. This Resorts history dates back in the year 2000 when it was solely a golf course.However,with time the management introduced a restaurant toContinue reading “The Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort Experience”

Plastic Free Hotels in Kenya:Beating Single – use Plastics

The planet is on the verge of a global plastic calamity.With our oceans having to pay a heavy price for the worlds plastics,more tourism and hospitality players are acting by implementing environmentally friendly practices to reduce the pollution in the aquatic ecosystems.According to World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Impact Hub statistics,since 1950, 8.3 billion tonsContinue reading “Plastic Free Hotels in Kenya:Beating Single – use Plastics”

Culinary Tourism at the Kenyan Coast

The Kenyan Coast is well known for its Sandy beaches, the Swahili Culture and as a traditional tourist destination. Most visitors exploring this part of the country do not experience the authentic Swahili dishes made from local ingredients. The cuisine is a unique feature of the Swahili culture that is not found in the otherContinue reading “Culinary Tourism at the Kenyan Coast”

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